Guests at these remote jungle lodges in Costa Rica arrive by a white water raft

We all love a new experience, but would you be adventurous enough to arrive into your jungle lodge in Costa Rica on a white water raft, having negotiated the local rapids on the transfer? If so, you can do so as part of a “Costa Rica Rainforests and Rivers” trip run by Off the Map Travel, in which you will arrive to the luxurious Pacuare Lodge by white water raft.

You will arrive to Pacuare Lodge by white water raft. Image: Pacuare Lodge

The lodge has no roads leading to it, so the preferred mode of transport used is along the white water rivers, through thick jungles, past lush farmland and alongside towering volcanoes. The Pacuare river and jungle are home to many birds and mammals, and you will get to see them up close on your adventurous transfer. Ninety-five per cent of the rafting guides are from Turrialba, the closest city to the lodge.

Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica. Image: Pacuare Lodge

For those who’d prefer an alternative mode of transport, you can also arrive by land on a 4×4 expedition vehicle. This leads to a hanging gondola that crosses the river to the lodge, or you can land directly into the lodge by helicopter. “As you make your way down river negotiating class III and IV rapids, you can listen for the welcome call of the monkeys, watch vibrant blue butterflies dancing in the sun and stop at waterfalls tumbling into the river,” says Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel.

A bathroom at Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica. Image: Pacuare Lodge

“The rapids and excitement of the white water then give way to calm as you approach a true jungle paradise in the form of Pacuare Lodge. It’s a magical way to arrive and one of the most memorable transfers we do.” As well as this dramatic mode of transport, guests have a choice of activities during their stay, including guided wildlife and hiking tours, volcano tours, zip-lining and indigenous cultural and culinary experiences.

You will arrive to Costa Rica’s Pacuare Lodge by white water raft. Image: Pacuare Lodge

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